Cusco Cusco Cerveza.

Arriving in Cusco I only had a weak attack of altitude sickness. Advice: drink litres and litres of coca tea and you’ll be fine. We are here on a volunteer trip for 2 weeks and the home stay is great minus the cold showers and 5degree nighttime temperatures. But the home cooking makes up for homesickness. It’s Peruvian Independence Day soon so here will be lots of festivities and Cervezas to enjoy.
Met some fellow Canadians and they took us to a sweet bar where locals played us some George Michael and Mumford and Sons with the electric guitar. It was a great show accompanied by the popular pisco sour cocktail. Not really a fave but it was nice and strong ;)
We then bused, trained and bused up to Aguas Calientes and from there, Machu Picchu. It was an amazing sight and it was exciting to walk the footsteps of..Karl Pilkington! The trek and site are stunning and the views of the sacred city rising from the dense jungle are worth seeing in person.
Now back to the bus, train and bus to make it home to Cusco for dinner.

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